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Reading Partner Job Description

Community Literacy Centers (CLC) is seeking qualified educators to serve as reading partners to adult learners in the OKC metro area. Please see the position description below.

Job Type: Part-time seasonal

Pay: $19.00 per hour

2.5 hours per week for four 8-week periods during 2024 (2 hours meeting; ½ hour preparation per week)

Duties will include (but are not limited to):
- Report to the Reading Partners Supervisor and the CLC Program Coordinator
- Attend professional development workshop
- Meet an adult learner at a public library to read together twice a week for one hour each
- Spend an hour each week reading or preparing for partner meetings
- Be responsible for collecting information and delivering it to the Reading Partners Supervisor
- Managing other paperwork responsibilities
- Travel to library/ies in the OKC metro area

Qualifications and Skills:
The successful applicant will:
- be innovative and reliable
- be comfortable interacting with adult students and collaborating with other educators
- have excellent English language skills and grammar knowledge
- have dependable transportation
- be organized, self-directed with a comprehensive knowledge of educational principles
- have previous teaching experience
- have a Bachelor's degree

- Oklahoma teaching certificate
- Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related area

Description of the Reading Partners Program:
This project is funded by the Crawley Family Foundation. Through the Reading Partners project, CLC will give adult learners in our community the opportunity to read a high interest/low level book with a partner. Well-prepared teachers will be matched with adult readers and the two will select their book together. Each set of partners will meet twice a week for one hour for a total of 15 times during four 8-week sessions during 2023 at
public libraries that are convenient for adult learners. A final celebration will be held after each session and each set of partners will share their book to the other partner groups.

To Apply:
- Position begins January 20, 2024

- Submit resume including three references and contacts to
CLC Program Coordinator Liz Willner,
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