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Amaziah "Dom" Dominic spent 40 years as a servant leader for the country and community. His professional experience includes Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) in the USAF, President, Providence Homeowners, Grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do, Director, Client Relations at Dillingham Benefits, Carlton Landing HOA Officer, Carlton Landing TIF Committee Officer, Carlton Landing Board of Adjustment, and the positions below. 


Director of Client Relations with Dillingham Benefits, focusing on building, retaining client partnerships, and ensuring services benefit the clients. 


Adjunct Professor at Langston University provided academic leadership and created an effective learning environment in service to the community. 


CMSgt served as Chief Enlisted Manager for 1,600-Airmen, advising group commanders on worldwide deployment and a $1.2 billion budget.

President, Providence HOA, managed a budget of $60,000 annually for two years. Oversaw the paving of the roads, added additional security in the gated community, and signed contracts with companies to manage the pools and the cutting of the grass in the common areas.


President of Dominic's Karate Academy provided a sense of community to students studying Tae Kwon Do—enhancing student confidence through training and competition.


Carlton Landing Board of Adjustment works on any zoning ordinance in the town of Carlton Landing, Oklahoma.


Carlton Landing TIF Committee Officer, responsible for working with the Engineer on working on proposals and scope of work within the building infrastructure in Carlton Landing.


Carlton Landing HOA Officer carefully reviews and understands the HOA's governing documents, bylaws, and articles of incorporation and enforces provisions of the declaration.

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