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OUR MISSIOn: to encourage and support adult literacy in our community

Community Literacy Centers, Inc. (CLC) 501 (c)(3) is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1987 by judges, educators, attorneys and citizens in Oklahoma County who acknowledged the benefits of a more literate society. In 1997, CLC established and implemented the LEAP (Learning, Enriching, Achieving, Preparing) program which now serves as the foundation for all CLC services. Through LEAP, cooperative partnerships are formed with various Oklahoma County agencies to provide literacy services to agency clients and adults (18 years of age or older) in the surrounding community. Classes are typically conducted at partner sites, however, some classes are currently taught virtually via Zoom. CLC classes include Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL), U.S. Citizenship and/or High School Equivalency (HSE) instruction. Workplace Learning Solutions (WLS) and Tutor Training are also encompassed within the LEAP program.


Our vision is to change lives by increasing awareness of the benefits of a more literate community and providing a welcoming environment where every adult who wants to read has an opportunity to learn.

  • CLC provides free classroom instruction to approximately 1,000 adults in the metropolitan area each year; volunteer tutors are available in the classroom for students who need additional support. 

  • CLC instructors cultivate a supportive, nurturing classroom environment in which to foster learning and positively impact the lives of our students. 

  • CLC administers assessments and surveys at regular intervals to monitor student progress and needs; CLC adult learners come from varied backgrounds and skill levels.

LEAP (Learning, Enriching, Achieving, Preparing)

Through LEAP, cooperative partnerships are formed with libraries, churches, schools, businesses and other nonprofit agencies to deliver literacy services to agency clients and adults (18 years of age and older) in the surrounding community. CLC provides certified instructors, trained volunteer tutors, and additional study resources; partner agencies provide classroom space, a whiteboard and/or smart board, access to office equipment, and a liaison. 


Skills acquired in CLC classes instill confidence, increase self-esteem and influence personal and professional growth. Each student journey is unique, and our students demonstrate a common dedication to the betterment of his or her quality of life.


Classes that introduce immigrants to historical and cultural information used on the Naturalization Test and explore the steps of the naturalization process (incorporated in Fall of 2020).

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
English as Second
Language (ESL)

Our Basic Skills classes help students improve their level of reading, writing, and spelling. In order to be placed into one of our classes, please make an appointment with us by calling

(405) 524-7323.

ESL classes help students learn to read, write, and speak in English.  These students speak another language in their household, but would like to learn English so they can improve their communication at work and in the community.

HSE classes help those who are interested in getting their High School Equivalency diploma. In these classes our students learn math, reading & writing, social studies, and science. In order to be placed in our HSE class, please call (405) 524-7323.

Workplace Learning Solutions

Workplace Learning Solutions is a fee-for-service program focused on teaching adults how to read, write, and speak English in the workplace. By offering assessments, ESL, and basic literacy courses in the workplace, Community Literacy Centers aims to improve English language skills, adult literacy, and reduce communication barriers. These classes are taught by our certified instructors.

Some of the benefits of Workplace Learning Solutions include:

  • Increases job performance

  • Enhances communications between workers

  • Prepares employees for potential job promotion

  • Facilitates greater employee retention

If you are interested in this program in your workplace, please contact Melissa Meyers, Workplace Learning Coordinator,, or call (405) 524-7323.


Enrichment opportunities that allow tutors and new instructional staff to develop a better understanding of their role at CLC and to acquire skills that will optimize engagement in the classroom; training sessions cover introductory topics for new staff members and volunteers, and incorporate innovative materials and techniques for seasoned tutors and instructors.

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